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Our Major Success Stories!(Cont’d)    
Project Capacity
(m3 / day)
Client Year
Upgrading of Al-Ruwais Districts Wastewater Contingency Projects in Jeddah 64,000 National Water Company 2009
ANSAB Sewage Treatment Plant 700 ANSAB General Contracting Est.
Extension Of O&M Contract – Buwaib Water Treatment Plant O&M National Water Company 2009
Sea Water RO for Haql & Deba (Tabuk Area) Seawater RO Plants 200 (each) Ministry of Finance (MOF) 2008
Arabian Cement Co. Ready Mix Plant, Rabigh, Sea RO Plant 2,000 Arabian Cement Company 2008
Brackish Water RO-3 (RO3) Block ‘B’ Revamp Project, at Jubail 7,560 Power & Water Utility Co. (MARAFIQ)
Al-Sulayel (Al-Kharj) Sewage Treatment Project 400 Ministry of Defence & Aviation (MODA) 2008
King Fahd Airbase, Taif Brackish Water RO Plant 7,570 Ministry of Defence & Aviation 2007
Girls College, Jeddah Sewage Treatment Plant 2000 Sakan Al-Arabiyah Co Ltd.End user - Ministry of Education)
Supply, Fabrication & Installation of Stainless Steel Tanks, Jeddah 250 Afia International Company
Equestrian Club, Jeddah Seawater RO Plant (BOOT for 10 Years) 600 Al-Montazahah Contracting Co. Ltd.
Seawater RO Rabigh Plant Expansion of Line 6 1,000 Rabigh Cement Co./OMAG Montananlageen 2006
Harbor Tanks Project, Jeddah 900 Afia International Company 2006
South of Riyadh Sewage Treatment Plant 200,000 Ministry of Water & Electricity 2005
SWCC Housing Compound STP, Refurbishment & Upgrading, Al-Khobar 1,225 Saline Water Conversion Corporation 2005
Shoaibah Housing Compound Sewage Treatment Plant 1,700 Al-Fawzani Est./ (SWCC) 2005
Expansion of Buwaib & Salboukh, Brackish Water Treatment Projects 60,000 Ministry of Water & Electricity 2002
Arasco Brackish Water RO Plants, Al Khairi 1,400 ARASCO 2002
Ras Mishaab Seawater Desalination Plat 3,790 Ministry of Defense & Aviation 2001
Armed Forces Hospital Sharourah Sewage Treatment Plant 400 Ministry of Defense & Aviation 2000
MODA Project Tabuk Sewage Treatment Plant 800 Ministry of Defense & Aviation 2000
Al Khumrah Sewage Treatment Plant 140,000
Ministry of Water & Electricity
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